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The River Calls

In Northern Minnesota, fall 1947, two hunters meet during a goose hunting trip. They agree to share a campfire and begin a friendship that carries them through many years and adventures.

The old river rat Wil Morgan tells of his life on the Bigfork River and Matt Andrews, the Minneapolis doctor tries to make a new life for himself with Wil as his teacher. The community accepts him and he starts a medical practice for the townspeople and the lumberjacks.

This is a delightful tale of how life once was and how we sometimes wish that it could still be. In a time of terrorists and wholesale murder, it feels good to sit back and remember a gentler time.

So come on into the cabin. There’s a fire going in the cookstove and fresh bread in the oven.

Brothers By Fire

Jimmy Ross and Gray Wolf were raised on the Big White Oak, as brothers until a Sioux raiding party attacked their home. Jimmy's family was killed and Gray Wolf begins a journey to find his brother. The story takes us across the country to a South Dakota ranch and then into Korea, Vietnam, and Minnesota, showing us high adventure the likes most have never seen.

To Waltz with a White Horse

Sgt. Bill Stone was another of the many victims of the jungle war in Vietnam, a war that continues to claim more victims each day. He lost a leg in battle but that wasn’t anything compared to the battle he waged with heroin.

When the US Army didn’t have any use for a one legged grunt, they cut him loose to fend for himself. He traveled back home and found that the place he loved so very much didn’t have any time for a “Baby Killer”.

With his life savings running short, he buys a small bar in Northern Minnesota and continues the fight to be normal. His father dies and leaves him directions to a gold mine and then the story gets serious.

This is a grand tale that cuts across the entire globe from Alaska to Vietnam to the Philippines and Northern Minnesota with adventure the likes few will ever see.

A River of Seasons

In Northern Minnesota’s Bigfork River Valley, back in the days of the big timber camps, a man by the name of Wil Morgan and his wife raise a pair of orphaned kids, bringing them to adulthood. Wil tells of his life on the Bigfork and his time working in the timber camps. He was a hunter and a trapper and as a long time resident had many tales to tell.

The children’s family was lost when a Canadian lumberjack named Scooter Sherman, a man with no reverence for life, burned down their cabin in the middle of the night. He kills the parents and a small baby to get revenge for his losses at a poker game. The book tells of the successes and failures of good hardworking people and the trail to bring a bad man to justice.

River Chase

In the early days of Minnesota, the first settlers were the river men who tamed the far north. There were trappers, farmers, and some men who made their living in the dark of the night. There were men who bought and sold as slaves, women, stolen from all over the globe. The descendants of these stolen women are still living in the far north of the state. This is a story of a man named Wil Morgan, the son of a sailing ship captain and a school teacher. He’d heard tales of the white slavers, but when they killed his mother, it became a chase to bring these men either to justice or hell, and he wasn’t particular of which.